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From the very beginning, St. Petersburg was a determinedly modern and international city, planned and built to be Peter the Great’s “window to Europe”. This gravitation towards the European way of life influenced the city’s cuisine. And from St. Petersburg western gastronomic culture has spread throughout Russia.

«Fontanka 30» Restaurant is a new project of restaurateur Leonid Garbar, in which he tried to preserve the concept of St. Petersburg  cuisine and give modern interpretation to classic recipes. Here, in the heart of the city, You can try dishes that became popular as early as the 18th century, and see what a classic Saint Petersburg restaurant could have become but for the events of 1917.

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Декабрь 2018
Musical evenings

It is already evening. Another busy day is over. Let's foget worries and enjoy a night out in our restaurant. We puor wine, serve tasty dishes... By the way, they say that music makes food even more delicious. And every Friday and Saturday we follow this rule!